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Hertz Launches Hertz 24/7 Program

Two days ago, Hertz car rental announced the global launch of Hertz 24/7. No longer will their clients get stuck on the time frame of making reservations and renting a car within a 9-5 limit because with Hertz 24/7, they get to rent a vehicle of their choice, anywhere, and at any time.

According to Hertz Chairman and CEO, Mark P. Frissora, “Driven by the company’s award-winning technology, Hertz is reinventing the car rental industry by putting the rental process in the hands of consumers. Technology-enhanced vehicles will be available close to where customers live or work, making it easier than ever to reserve and quickly pick-up a rental vehicle at the customer’s convenience. Urban and suburban customers will be able to rent a much wider variety of vehicles at any hour – not just weekdays 9 to 5 when a neighborhood rental location is open. 24/7 service is a key part of our commitment to create the fastest, easiest and most valued rental experiences in the business.”


The Hertz “Click, Swipe, and Go!” process will be readily available to everyone who’s a Hertz member. Just log on to your account by a simple Click at or via your mobile app or your laptop and then complete your reservation details in less than 5 minutes. The next step is to Swipe your 24/7 key fob against the car windshield where the reader is and you’ll hear the car doors unlock. You can locate the car keys that are tethered on the dashboard. And then the last and final step –  Go!

Right now there are 35,000 vehicles of all types (sedans, mini vans, vans, SUV) available in about 1,800 neighborhood and airport locations around the U.S., Germany, France, U.K., Spain, and Australia with expansion plans of up to 2,000 opened neighbourhood and airport locations by year end. In the second week of September 2013, Hertz will host a 24/7 product and services demonstration event where they will focus on mobile applications that enhance the rental experience and, of course, the future of in-car telematics.