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New York Sites: Statue of Liberty Fun Facts

If you have read our previous post, you’ll know that we talked about a couple of fun and interesting fact about the Empire State Building. Of course, if you’re doing a clean sweep of New York’s finest attractions and dining, it’s inevitable that you also visit the lovely lady Liberty herself!

Mounted on Liberty Island, formerly known as Bedloe’s Island, is the 305 feet and 6 inch tall statue from the French. Given as a present, this statue is that of the Roman goddess, Libertas who is known as the goddess of freedom, holding a torch and a tabulas ansata which had America’s independence date, July 4, 1776, inscribed on it.

What most people don’t know is that at the bottom of Lady Liberty’s feet are broken chains and shackles that symbolize freedom from oppression and tyranny.

The conception and creation of the Statue of Liberty began in the 1870’s where Frederic Bartholdi first constructed the statue in France. He then disassembled it to ship it to America and re-assembled it back up again.

The color of Lady Liberty was not painted green on purpose. The statue’s original color was that of dull copper. It changed into green because of years of weather changes has affected the coat to corrode which resulted to the ‘patina’. The US Congress has authorized to re-paint the statue but due to public dislike, they preserved the green patina instead.

Also, as an added tidbit, the copper skin is only 3/32ths of an inch thick (or thin). This copper sheeting’s thickness is less than that of 2 US pennies combined.

Frederic Bartholdi also stated that he designed he patterned Lady Liberty’s face by using his mother, Charlotte Beysser Bartholdi, as the model. He also mentioned that he created an uncomplicated silhouette on the statue which would take great effect because of the statue’s great placement on the harbour. Any immigrants or visitors to come towards the Americas would notice a changing perspective on Lady Liberty as they approach Manhattan.

Admittedly, that last tidbit of information isn’t so common as the first few and chancing upon this makes seeing Lady Liberty in possibly a whole new light as well. If this piqued your curiosity, and that vacation to see the Big Apple has got you excited, better make sure you double check your car rental rates so you’re sure to have a way to get to Liberty Island soon!

New York Sites: The Empire State Building Fun Facts

Surely there are most of you who have already looked up some interesting facts and trivia regarding New York City’s Empire State Building before hopping on to your Enterprise car rental with your camera and your change for the tower viewer. But for those who still don’t have an idea, here is a couple of fun information you might have never known about the tallest building in the city:

Top of the World

Back in 1931, the Empire State Building was the tallest building in the world. Today, it’s been bumped down to the 4th tallest building with 1,860 steps from the ground up to 102nd floor which is the top most floor of the building.

Cloud Nine

On every 14th of February, there are a group of couples who get wed on the 80th floor of the Empire State Building. To be able to do this, you must first send an application indicating why you want to get married there. Couples are chosen based on their creativity and their originality. The couples who have gotten married on the Empire State become members of the Empire State Wedding Club where they are freely admitted into the observatories every 14th of February.

Bright Lights and Shining Stars

Besides being seen on the movies Sleepless in Seattle, An Affar to Remember, etc, the most popular movie where the Empire State was seen was first seen was in the 1933 classic, King Kong. Also, other popular celebrities that have been noted to visit the building was Fidel Castro, Queen Elizabeth, the band KISS, and Tom Cruise to name a few.

Statistics and Numbers

Here’s a quick statistic of the basic numbers involved in the Empire State Building:

Total budget: $40,948,900.00

How long it took to build: 1 year and 45 days

Number of workers on the building: 3,400 people at peak times

Simple Travel Tips To Remember

It’s not always easy to plan a travel itinerary especially when you’re traveling alone. Sometimes even if you’re just traveling out of town, a couple of tips here and there could be a great help to get the ball rolling in arranging itineraries, lodging, and transportation.

First off is thinking of an ideal vacation spot to spend a luxurious weekend at. It doesn’t have to necessarily be a plane ride and a number of hours away; it could be as near as a couple miles away from home. You can check for cheap sale flights or search online for cheap car rentals that offer the best deals. Once you’ve had that targeted, it’s time to move towards your lodging.

If you’re fine with practicality and just the right amount of comfort and leisure, hostels are always the best choice. It’s comfortable enough with clean sheets, a clean bathroom, and great fellow travellers to meet, interact with, and be friends with. They’re also the best people to ask suggestions of where to go next, what to do and what else there is to see.

checklistLastly, the itinerary is what makes your entire travel vacation memorable. There are some people who prefer to just go with the flow, walk the streets and let the adventure come to them. That could work too, but taking into consideration some of the others who can’t function without an ideal plan, researching on the internet what ideal attractions to visit and which restaurants serve the best food. Arranging it beforehand, about a week before leaving, saves you all the time and stress than doing everything last minute. Also, purchasing tickets for either shows, a theme park, a museum exhibit or concerts a couple of days earlier always saves you more money than purchasing tickets at the establishment itself.

Also ask around or research on which places to visit for food, whether it’s for proper dining or street food goodness. Some travellers say that food is always what makes or breaks a vacation; it’s the ultimate adventure to try out those grilled chicken intestines or frog legs on sticks. And of course, the most important thing to never forget is your camera. Take photos of your travels, capture moments in a photograph and when bad days come along, although you can’t just hop in a car and leave, you can always go back to the memories through these photographs and feel instantly better.


New York Dining: Dim Sum and Noodles

chinatownWe discussed where to find authentic Italian dining goodness from the previous post, in this entry it’s time to talk about where to find your nitty-gritty dirty Chinese food favorites in Lower Manhattan. It doesn’t matter how you get there, whether you get to this food haven on foot, via public transportation, or through a car rental New York, as long as you arrive with just the right hunger in your stomach and enough adventure in your veins, then this food trip would be well worth it in the end.

What you’ll notice if you’re a frequent traveller is that in every country there will always be every country’s respective Chinatown, and searching for the best tasting noodle bowls, dim sum, and dumplings will always be the best part of this trip.

Now for the best tasting noodles and dim sum, always look for the specialists. For starters, there’s Tasty Dumplings where the dumplings are as juicy and freshly cooked as you could only imagine, Lam Zhou Noodle Shop on the other hand offers you the best noodles in Chinatown. Other popular favorites are Grand Sichuan where the menu offers the best Sichuan spicy cuisine in the area, the Peking Duck House where, as you guessed it, serves the best crisp-skinned and succulent peking duck dish right on your center table.

After a satisfying sit-down meal and you’re still ready for more, head on out the street and scout for some of the best tasting Chinese street food that costs less than a dollar or two. Scout for steamed buns, kebabs or quick rice meals like cheung fun.

Why You Should Search For The Best Car Rental Rates

Living in the real world isn’t always rainbows and butterflies. You go to a 9 to 5 job 5 days a week (sometimes even 6) and you’re only given 2 days to rest. You feel like work gets all your time and family time seems to be never enough. When these feelings appear, it may just be signs that you need a vacation, and it’s a vacation that requires hauling the entire family in a huge SUV and going for a long to get to the sandy beaches or to that theme park that’s a family favourite.

Once you’ve decided where you’re going and what you’re gonna do, of course the next most practical thing to do when it comes to planning a vacation is to rent a car from a company that has the best car rental rates. If you’re already wondering why you should opt to spend money to rent a car when you already have a perfectly working SUV right in your garage? Here are a few good reasons why renting a car is the best way to go when planning vacation with the family:

  • You won’t have to worry about tune-ups and the car breaking down in the middle of the road. If your rented vehicle breaks down, you can simply call your car rental service and someone will come over with a new car for you to use.
  • You can pick any car you wish you to use depending on the number of people riding with you and where you wanna go. If you’re passing roads that are quite bumpy, then you save your actual car from wear and tear and you get to use a fab 4×4 vehicle too!
  • Renting a car saves your car from, as mentioned above, wear and tear. This would be incredibly helpful especially if your car is either brand-spanking new or really old.

Save yourself from the stress. It may be a vacation where you get to relax but the preparation may just be equal how much relaxation you’re about to have. Eliminate at least one factor to take care of during planning and let RentACarNow take some of the load for you!

AAA Projects Lower Rental Car Rates for Labor Day Travel

According to a report from AAA, there is some good news if you are planning to rent a car for your Labor Day travels. AAA projects that the average weekend rental car rate over Labor Day will average $43, which represents a drop of about seven percent from last year. AAA also says it expects more people to drive to their destination rather than fly, likely due to the rising cost of air travel. As always, gas prices are also expected to impact travel plans.

“AAA is projecting a decrease in the number of Labor Day travelers as some Americans react to recent economic uncertainty and increasing air fares,” said Glen MacDonell, director, AAA Travel Services. “While automobile travel is expected to increase slightly, if recent declines in gasoline prices continue through Labor Day, we could see an increase in last-minute holiday weekend travel.”

The combination of falling gas prices and falling rental car rates makes Labor Day the perfect time to take one last trip before summer is gone. You can check the lowest Labor Day rental car rates at

Would You Pay $9 for a Gallon of Gas?

We all know that gas prices are high, but no one would ever pay $9 a gallon, right? Actually some people do, according to a recent story from USA Today. The newspaper surveyed rental car companies at major airports to find the price they were charging customers who returned a car without a full tank. Some of the results are pretty shocking, with a few companies charging as much as $9.29 a gallon. If you consider that some larger vehicles and SUVs can easily hold 20 gallons or more in the tank, you could be looking at a charge of more than $200 just for gas. While Hertz and Avis had some of the highest prices, Enterprise, Alamo and National (which are all owned by the same parent company) were among the cheapest, although still far from a bargain at around $6 per gallon.

That underscores the importance of filling up the tank yourself. You can also pre-pay for a tank of gas, but generally that’s not the best move either unless you return the car with the fuel gauge on empty. So next time you rent a car at make sure you fill it up before returning it.

Price of Rental Cars at Tampa Airport Might Rise Slightly

The rental car rates in Florida are generally pretty cheap, as the intense competition for the tourist dollar tends to keep prices low. Tampa Airport rental cars are usually among the lowest in the state, in part because there is no extra airport fee on rental cars at TPA airport. Tampa has always been one of the few major airports without an added airport fee, but that could change in the near future, according to a story in the St. Petersburg Times.

Airport officials are considering adding a $2.50 fee to help pay for an expansion to the rental car facilities at the airport, which have become necessary since it has pretty much reached capacity. The expansion would be part of a $20 million project to upgrade the entire airport, which officials hope to have completed by the time that the Republican National Convention rolls into town next summer. Even though it might cost a little more the next time you rent a car in Tampa, you can still save some money when you book your Tampa rental car reservations at

Alabama Says No to Increased Rental Car Tax

If you think all that legislators know how to do is raise taxes, then you might be surprised to hear about what happened recently in Alabama. Lawmakers there actually voted down a proposal that would have raised the car rental tax by three percent to help pay for a convention center in Birmingham. Rental car taxes, especially for airport rentals, have long been a favorite target of legislators who know that most of the people who would be paying the tax will be coming from outside of the area, and thus not going to be registered voters in their district. So it’s a nice surprise that Alabama lawmakers said no to this increased tax.

The result is even more surprising when you consider that the rental car tax is Birmingham is currently just 2.25 percent, compared to taxes that are around 15 percent in other cities in the region like Charlotte, Nashville and Memphis. It’s important to consider the extra taxes and fees when trying to compare rental car rates to find the best deal. At, we make it easy to do just that by showing you all the lowest rates, including estimated taxes and fees, for all the top rental car companies.

Why Rental Car Taxes Never Go Down

Anytime you rent a car you’ll notice a long list of fees in the rental car contract, and while you can avoid some of them like insurance and pre-paid gas, there’s not much you can do about the bulk of them. You’ll see fees with names like airport concession fee, reimbursement fee, cost recovery fee, vehicle license fee, peak season surcharge, state and local taxes, and stadium taxes. Generally speaking, airport rentals have the most fees because lawmakers figure most of the renters are from out of town, making them the perfect candidates to be stuck with an extra tax.

One of the most popular (at least with lawmakers) airport rental car fees is added tax to fund a stadium, arena or convention center. If you travel enough, you could even claim that you’ve helped fund dozens of sports venues all around the country. And even when those taxes are supposed to be temporary and eventually expire, they often do not. A perfect example is the 2-percent tax in Seattle, which was instituted in 1995 (along with taxes on hotels and restaurants) to help fund Safeco Field for the Seattle Mariners. The problem is that the bonds for Safeco Field are set to be paid off this year, so logically that tax should disappear. But of course things don’t always work logically in government, and some legislators are pushing for an extension of the tax to pay for other projects, like a convention center and low-income housing. While those are certainly worthy causes, it does go to show why these taxes rarely go down once they are started, even if they are supposed to be “temporary.”