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Orlando Sites: Disney Top Tips

disneyworldIt is part of every family’s bucket list to have Disneyland or Disneyworld be crossed out from their list of things to do and places to go; it’s every adult’s favourite childhood memory, and every child’s dream come true. Vacations taken with children is always a different story, you need extras for everything – extra clothing than usual, extra snacks, extra water bottles, and extra patience plus energy to keep up with them. This means, setting the kids free to run around and explore in the most magical theme park in the world requires more preparation than usual.

So before you head on out and hop on one of the best Orlando car rentals, read on through to see what tips you need to remember during your 1-3 days in Disney!


Go during off-peak seasons

This is before or after Christmas, usually the months of October or February. Never go during peak season as Florida’s heat is something else during those times. You’re bound to experience a meltdown, and if adults can feel really tired and dehydrated under the sun, imagine how much more that meltdown will be on your kids. So play it safe and never go during peak season.

Pack on the extras

Pack extra shirts, extra shorts, extra socks, extra underwear too if you must. Pack everything extra as there are plenty of rides where there are chances of children getting wet – not just from water rides but also from perspiration. It’s a hot day with a lot of running around, getting wet is bound to happen. And since you’re all perspiring, packing on extra water won’t hurt as well. If you don’t want the extra weight, all counters at Disney gives out free ice water, all you have to do is ask for it.

Wear comfortable shoes

There would be so much walking, running, and probably even jumping, that to wear flip flops, sandals, or even heels would be the worst mistake you’ll ever make.

Souvenirs as the last stop

Refrain from dropping by the souvenir shops too early in the day or else you’ll end up with less cash for more important things like food or beverages, less space in your backpack, and more junk that you and your kids might not really need. The best time to drop in at a shop is right before you watch the fireworks or right before you leave the theme park.

There’s More to Milwaukee Than Just Really Good Beer

Located on the south western shore of Lake Michigan, right in the state of Wisconsin is the county of Milwaukee. Besides the thousands of bars located around the city, you’d ask what else could be seen in the city besides their really good beer.

Actually, for those who don’t know, Milwaukee is quite the city that has a lot of culture and quirkiness hiding if only all the others knew where exactly to look.  To those who don’t know, here are a few attractions: First off, there’s The Safe House down at N. Front Street. Everyone knows that a safe house works as a hideout place for anyone where people convene, reside, or hide when things go crazy in the real world, in the intelligence trade, a safe house is defined as a place where spies meet and find rest. This safe house in Milwaukee might actually be one of the most unique restaurants you’ll come across as it is spy-themed.  It’s got the works with phone booths for alibis, passwords to enter the door, and a covert location where the Safe House is located in a building with a misleading International Exports Ltd. sign. Be sure to ask around to avoid getting lost!

If you’re still looking for another dose of fun, you should invite your pals out at The Holler House down by Lincoln Ave. Known for its preserved architecture and design, play bowling old school style! Don’t forget to also check out the most eclectic décor they have at the Holler House – about a thousand brassieres hung on the ceiling, left by lady patrons of the old Holler House. If you’ve got the guts, maybe you could leave one too and be part of history too.

The Oriental Theater, just like the Holler House, is also one of the historical attractions in the city, and also a record holder for continuing to show a film over the years. Take a gander at the ornate architecture and catch a screening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show every midnight on every 2nd Saturday of the month, if you miss it, don’t worry as it will show again the next month, and the next, and the next..

Be sure to read up on travel guides and blogs to find out other cool attractions there are in Milwaukee, also look up for a car rental Milwaukee service that’s sure to get you around as you explore the city.




Orlando – Where The Magic Begins

pleasure-island Orlando is the one place where all ages are made to come together and enjoy a vacation where the young run wild with their imagination and the old feel young again. Right under the Florida sun, you’ll find 3 of the most visited theme parks of every family around the world. You may take days of exploring, running around, and strolling, but it wouldn’t be enough for you to be able to see every corner, ride every roller coaster and carousel, or play at every arcade you can see.

As soon as your plane lands, hop in an Orlando car rental service and head on out to Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World or Gatorland. Make sure you’ve packed in extra clothes, a jug of water and extra energy as exploring these theme parks may take the entire day and the rides will always have the caution of getting wet!

Of course, once the kids are asleep in your hotel rooms, you could always have some more fun by having a night cap down at Downtown Disney where Pleasure Island can be found. Have fun dancing the night away at the local clubs with good friends as you all take jello or any shot of your choice. If dancing really isn’t your thing, you can always have a steady chill night listening to live bands at the Rock n’ Roll Beach Club too.

If you’ve got more time, you can also drop by the Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, or WonderWorks. After you’ve recuperated from the intense days under the heat down at the theme parks, take the kids out for another adventure to see a real-life shuttle launch at the space center or head down to search for that inverted mansion that is WonderWorks and expand your mind as you play with hands-on scientific discoveries and lessons.

Experience The Best Summer Vacation at Fort Lauderdale

Escape the real world and take that well-deserved rest and recreation down at Fort Lauderdale located in Florida just by the Atlantic Coast. Because of its numerous canal systems just like that of Venice, Fort Lauderdale has also been known by the name “America’s Venice”, and just like its namesake country, the city has also has a few cafes lined up along the canal system that creates a picturesque view.

If you want an amazing experience that’s not too far from home and isn’t too hard on the pocket, Fort Lauderdale, known for its Blue Wave certified beaches and numerous tourist attractions, is one of the best places to bring the whole gang to. For those who don’t plan on lounging at the beach the whole day, the Ski Rixen is the perfect place to take up a new water sport in the form of wakeboarding or if you’re a little bit on the safer side, there’s kneeboarding too.

The whole family is ensured to have a great time too! Call on a Fort Lauderdale car rental service and bring the whole family out on a short day trip to the City of Sunrise’s theme park, Wannado City. Come inside a magical world where children can be world-acclaimed surgeons, highly-skilled detectives or circus ringmasters. It’s definitely a place where children will enjoy the most!
Of course if you want to set aside fun for a while for a little educational touring, there are plenty of places to visit around the city that would enrich your mind. There’s the Museum of Discovery and Science, the Fort Lauderdale Historical Society, or the Butterfly World. Take the chance to explore the city’s history, architecture, and its boasting tropical paradise-like parks and recreation centers.

You will never go wrong with dining in America’s Venice. There are restaurants lined up like Mai-Kai, a Polynesian inspired joint which serves good food along with good entertainment. There’s the 1960s born diner, Lester’s Diner, which is almost also like a historical landmark altogether. You can also try Chima’s, Johnny V’s, and Casablanca Café, among other joints where the food is good, and the fun is even better!

Discover a newer side of Florida’s Key West

90 miles from Cuba and nested on the southernmost tip of Florida Keys is where you will find a small haven of rich bohemian culture that’s bordering on Caribbean more than American. Key West is known to be a melting pot of writers, artists, street musicians, sailors, and ultimately, bohemians who walk the streets daily and probably even carrying books by Voltaire.

Start your day exploring Old Town where most of the tourist attractions can be found. To be able to fully explore this old town that is Old Town, hop on the trolley tour buses which scour the area and take a trip down 500 years of rich history. After the tour, you can choose to explore some more on foot (with a little shopping on the side) and treat yourself to some of Key West’s unique dishes that can be found at the bar and restaurant district down at Duval Street.

If you’ve conquered up history on your itinerary and had your fill of tasteful architecture, it’s time to get in touch with nature as you check out Key West’s tropical gardens, butterfly conservatories, their island cruises, and marvel at the glorious sunset up at Mallory Square. Soak up the scenery and set up a picnic at environmental artist’s Nancy Forrester’s small patch of paradise down at Simonton Street or walk down the path of nature and feast your eyes on all the beautiful butterflies at Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory. To cap off a very spiritual and enriching day, choose a cozy spot down at Mallory Square and join the Sunset Celebration. Don’t worry about missing this as this happens daily.

Find your way to a whole new adventure and be ready to pack up your belt with a whole lot of new experiences down at this unique city. Call up a Key West car rental, hop in, and brace yourself for a whole new world.

Miami… White Beaches and Crystal Blue Skies

Miami Car rental serviceLocated on the Atlantic coast of south eastern Florida is the sunny city of Miami. A city boasting of so much culture because of its wide support of the arts, entertainment, and its embrace for the diverse cultures and lifestyles of all of its citizens. So it’s no surprise that right after a vacation to this sunny city, you’ll live with plenty of colorful stories to tell your friends and family back home.

Known for its white beaches and crystal blue seas, Miami can also be a city that’s great to explore, not just with your friends for Spring break, but also with the entire family, pets included! Look up a Miami car rental service to take you around the city and visit the top tourist attractions that a lot of travellers are raving about online.

Since we’ve already said it, the top spot to visit in Miami is South Beach. Hop in a sedan, check-in at one of the grand hotels or the eclectic hostels around the area, and head on out to explore the streets and take a dip in the beach! If bathing under the sun hoping for a tan isn’t your thing, you can always bring your family to check out Miami’s zoos and museums where learning along with fun could be expected.

Take the entire clan down to 172nd avenue to visit the number 1 exotic petting zoo in South Florida, the Zoological Wildlife Foundation, so the kids could finally see real life sloths, lemurs, Gibbon apes, and snow leopards that aren’t in 3D. Other educational tourist attractions are the Miami Seaquarium for their outdoor marine shows featuring dolphins and killer whales, and the Miami Science Museum where there are world class exhibits that they change from time to time. Check their website to find out what will be featured in the museum on your travel dates.

There are plenty of other attractions that could be explored in Miami, just go online and search for further information on these tourist spots and see where your sense of adventure takes you.