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Hertz Launches Hertz 24/7 Program

Two days ago, Hertz car rental announced the global launch of Hertz 24/7. No longer will their clients get stuck on the time frame of making reservations and renting a car within a 9-5 limit because with Hertz 24/7, they get to rent a vehicle of their choice, anywhere, and at any time.

According to Hertz Chairman and CEO, Mark P. Frissora, “Driven by the company’s award-winning technology, Hertz is reinventing the car rental industry by putting the rental process in the hands of consumers. Technology-enhanced vehicles will be available close to where customers live or work, making it easier than ever to reserve and quickly pick-up a rental vehicle at the customer’s convenience. Urban and suburban customers will be able to rent a much wider variety of vehicles at any hour – not just weekdays 9 to 5 when a neighborhood rental location is open. 24/7 service is a key part of our commitment to create the fastest, easiest and most valued rental experiences in the business.”


The Hertz “Click, Swipe, and Go!” process will be readily available to everyone who’s a Hertz member. Just log on to your account by a simple Click at or via your mobile app or your laptop and then complete your reservation details in less than 5 minutes. The next step is to Swipe your 24/7 key fob against the car windshield where the reader is and you’ll hear the car doors unlock. You can locate the car keys that are tethered on the dashboard. And then the last and final step –  Go!

Right now there are 35,000 vehicles of all types (sedans, mini vans, vans, SUV) available in about 1,800 neighborhood and airport locations around the U.S., Germany, France, U.K., Spain, and Australia with expansion plans of up to 2,000 opened neighbourhood and airport locations by year end. In the second week of September 2013, Hertz will host a 24/7 product and services demonstration event where they will focus on mobile applications that enhance the rental experience and, of course, the future of in-car telematics.

Various Car Rental Industry Awards Honors Hertz

Just recently, the celebration of a good year for Hertz Corporation begins with winning 3 separate awards from leading influencers of the industry.

To begin with, based on a survey of U.S. based travellers for their most preferred brand of car rental during trips, Hertz Corporation’s Hertz car rental program won as the most favoured in the 2013 Traveler’s Choice Awards for Travel Favorites by TripAdvisor.

Secondly, and also for the second consecutive year, the FlyerTalks Awards granted top honors to Hertz and Hertz’ Gold Plus Rewards program for its amazing rewards program and the benefits provided in the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Middle East. If you’re unfamiliar, Flyer Talk is a community of about 500,000 members who discuss and share travel information and tips regarding hotel, air, and car rental programs.

Lastly, Christopher Elliot, a known multimedia journalist and consumer advocate, awards top award to Hertz as the best car rental company amongst 5 others. Awarding was distinguished through a poll survey Elliot set up on his website, encouraging his readers to cast a vote each.

Of course, all this hard work stems from instilled work ethics and values that Hertz and its leaders invoke on their company. According to Hertz’ Chairman and CEO, Mark P. Fissora, “Hertz prides itself on providing superior customer service and value with our innovative products and services, such as our robust and rewarding loyalty program” … “Being recognized yet again by the influential members of FlyerTalk for our Gold Plus Rewards program, and being selected as the ‘favorite’ and ‘best’ car rental company in the industry by travelers across the U.S., is a testament to our intense focus on giving our customers the fastest, easiest and most valued car rental experience.”

Hertz Introduces Dream Car Rental Program

Finally a dream comes true for anyone who wants it. Hertz chairman and CEO, Mark P. Frissora, announces that consumers are now given the chance to experience “luxury travel at its finest” through their newly launched service: Hertz Dream Cars. Anyone can now have the experience of having in their possession a pimp ride and also that enthralling decision-making process of picking a ride from a fleet of America’s best and most famous luxury cars through Hertz car rental.


The whole nine yards is provided once you opt for a Hertz car rental. As soon as you step off the plane, you’ll find a Hertz Client Concierge waiting to orient you on your vehicle, and ready to usher you in your dream car that’s brand-spanking new! Naturally, you have the option of being picked up from the airport, your home, or any off-airport location, whichever may be more convenient for you.

The line-up for these luxury cars are as follows:

  • Aston Martin V8 Vantage Coupe
  • Ferrari F430 Spider
  • Lamborghini Gallardo
  • Mercedes Benz C63 AMG
  • Mercedes Benz E63 AMG
  • Mercedes Benz SLS AMG
  • Nissan GT-R
  • Porsche 911
  • Porsche Boxster
  • Porsche Cayenne
  • Porsche Panamera

There are 35 markets where Hertz is marketing their Dream Cars, this 35 includes Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Florida.

Staten Island’s Hidden Gems

Staten Island, one of the famous five boroughs of New York City, and said to be known as the most suburban of them all. But despite this, it surely doesn’t mean that you won’t any interesting spots to visit as you tour the island.

If you’re unfamiliar with how to go about the island, there are plenty of choices to consider whether you’re looking for a sense of comfort, a view along that short travel, or if you’re considering the least time spent on hours during travel.

The most sought after mode of travel is by ferry from Manhattan. Taking this route shows its passengers a stunning of the skyline of Manhattan and the New York harbour as well. There is also an option of getting to Staten Island by car, either through a car rental like Payless car rental or a taxi cab, through Brooklyn or New Jersey. If not, there is also the option of taking the express bus as well.

Below is a list of some of the most raved about tourist attractions that many have seen and have also greatly appreciated:

Chinese Scholar Garden


The most recent addition to the tourist sites on the island is this garden replica of the Ming dynasty. This authentic Suzhou garden can be located at the Staten Botanical Garden. It’s the best place to experience serenity and harmony, away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city.

Snug Harbor Cultural Center


This is considered as the island’s most genuine hidden gems. Take the time to bring a picnic basket and take the family to walk through the area while the sun is out. The place is well taken care of and carries a rich history that definitely tells a great story. It was originally a place where women waited for their husbands to come from sea, and also a place where artists were granted cottages for homes. The place proves to show a lot of interesting things to see and read.

Alice Austen House, Museum and Garden


Previously owned by the photographer Alice Austen in the 19th and 20th century, this gingerbread house is known to house all her photographs for exhibit which shows the island as she was growing up. It provides a picturesque view of Staten Island before what it is today. The gardens are open, too, for relaxation and picnics with the family.

Staten Island Children’s Museum


It may not be Disney World, but this place is good enough. The vast expanse of the land is so huge a kid would probably need more than a day to explore the area. There are sections dedicated to themes, and plenty of exhibits that are hands on for the children. Definitely a place of fun and learning.

Travel Tips

plane-ticketA good vacation starts with a crucial, a very detailed and most especially, very smart planning. Failing to read the fine print of a travel package can lead to paying the price of comfort like finding yourself in a shabby hotel, eating bland food at the buffet or even riding a car with the A/C busted.

So just in case you’re thinking of taking the honey out on a second honeymoon (or a first), we encourage you to read the tips enumerated below so you can’t say you weren’t armed before going into the battlefield of travel planning.

Check out travel forums

First off, you first have to have an idea where you’re going, what to expect, and which sites to go to. You can always ask people who have been to those places for first hand tips and advice, but if a first-hand source is nowhere to be found, the existence of travel forums like Trip Advisor may be a jetsetter’s blessing.

Go old school, refer to travel agents

Although with the advent of online bookings, travel packages, and seat sales, referring to the services of a travel agent is still the best way to go. The old practice of travel booking, although slower to process, is still the most fool-proof method to choose. The trouble with travel packages is that everything is bundled; there is no option to choose a different hotel or opt for a better flight. The service referral of a travel agent ensures that you get the lowest rates possible with the arrangement of a great hotel with a buffet breakfast to boot. Plus, with fees included, studies show that travel agents are way cheaper than doing everything yourself.

Hop on a bus

If you’re not short on time, traveling by bus is as good as hopping on a plane. Buses aren’t as rickety and uncomfortable as they used to be in the days. You can try BoltBus, which connects major Northeast US cities, while MegaBus travels around Northeast and the Midwest states, has a route around Eastern Canada, and the U.K. too. It’s way cheaper, and although the travel time may be longer, you can use this time to contemplate things about your life – if you’re into that thing.

..Or hop on a rental car

Now if you really want to take your time, manage it yourself, and have the option of privacy and comfort, then renting a car may probably be what’s for you. Look back on our previous post to check the benefits of renting a car and once you’re convinced maybe you could check out National car rental for good deals and cheaper price listings.

Reconnect With Old Friends, Plan A Vacation!

No matter how many weekends you stay in your apartment and spend the whole day in bed, it still won’t compare to having an actual vacation out of town and being literally away from home for a couple of days. True you may be getting hours upon hours of sleep, and plenty of quality time with your books, your tv shows, or your bed, but to see the same things day after day isn’t quite as relaxing as you think.

If you find yourself being a little bit crankier during Mondays, and having a little less patience for your interns whenever they have questions, maybe it’s high time that you pick up that phone and call on your gang to plan out a short but sweet vacation out of town.

Check out those cool travel blogs your friends online have been raving about, find out what tips they have to say about driving out on a long road trip to Vegas, or hitting the beaches in Miami. You could also go on an eclectic and highly spiritual trip to Key West if you wish. Dine in picnics at local parks, revel in the beauty of nature as you watch the sunset, or spend the entire afternoon biking around town.


Since graduating high school or college, it’s natural that you and your friends may have drifted a little since work and real life started. This is the perfect time to re-connect and rekindle that friendship over a bottle of drinks at a restaurant with exotic cuisine or maybe over a bonfire at the beach with marshmallows on sticks just like old times.

So go on ahead, book that vacation leave with your boss, get on that computer, check on best rental car rates for your trip, book the hotel, and save the dates. It’s time to let loose, relax, have fun, and reconnect!


Would You Pay $9 for a Gallon of Gas?

We all know that gas prices are high, but no one would ever pay $9 a gallon, right? Actually some people do, according to a recent story from USA Today. The newspaper surveyed rental car companies at major airports to find the price they were charging customers who returned a car without a full tank. Some of the results are pretty shocking, with a few companies charging as much as $9.29 a gallon. If you consider that some larger vehicles and SUVs can easily hold 20 gallons or more in the tank, you could be looking at a charge of more than $200 just for gas. While Hertz and Avis had some of the highest prices, Enterprise, Alamo and National (which are all owned by the same parent company) were among the cheapest, although still far from a bargain at around $6 per gallon.

That underscores the importance of filling up the tank yourself. You can also pre-pay for a tank of gas, but generally that’s not the best move either unless you return the car with the fuel gauge on empty. So next time you rent a car at make sure you fill it up before returning it.

Save Wear and Tear on Your Own Vehicle by Renting Instead

Every now and then you probably have the need to take a long road trip in your own car – maybe you are taking one of the kids off to college or going to see grandma a few states away. Whatever the case might be, it’s a good idea to check the rental car rates in your area before putting all that extra wear and tear on your own vehicle. For every mile you put on your car, the value drops and you are one mile closer to needing that next oil change, maintenance service or new set of tires. So in many cases it can be a good idea to just rent a car and let the rental car company worry about all that.

As a general rule, each mile on your car costs about .50 in wear and tear. So if you are looking to take a 400-mile trip, or 800 miles roundtrip, that adds up to about $400. Obviously the rental car rate will depend on the type of vehicle and the length of the rental, but it’s pretty easy to find something for less than $400 at for most situations. So before you take that long trip in your own vehicle, add up the cost of wear and tear and see if you can find something cheaper with a rental car.

Check Weekend Rental Car Rates to Find the Best Deals

There are a lot of different ways to save money on a rental car, and of course booking your rental car reservations through is a good start. Here’s another easy tip – if your plans are flexible, it’s almost always cheaper to rent a car over the weekend as compared to a weekday rental. Obviously if you are traveling for a business meeting on a Wednesday this tip isn’t going to be of much help, but if you have some flexibility it makes sense to check rates for a few days before and after your original plans so that it includes a weekend.

You can sometimes find weekend rental car rates are as much as 50% or more off the weekday rate, simply because there isn’t as much demand so the rental car companies try to drive business with lower rates. And rental car companies often offer special weekend deals at the last minute, so that gives you the perfect trip to take a little road trip without putting wear and tear on your own vehicle.