Plan a family vacation your kids will remember and treasure

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The holiday season will soon begin, and now is the time to start planning your travels. A family vacation around Thanksgiving or Christmas would only add to the festive mood and the loving spirit. Here’s an idea: instead of spending hundreds of dollars on gifts for everybody, why not take a trip with the children and even the grandparents?
Down the road, your kids would appreciate such family trips because they are a quality time spent together and enhance that feeling of closeness.

Besides, many sweet memories are being created in the process. It’s a well-known fact that kids become more attached to their grandparents if they have the chance to go on a trip together. Well, it’s simple. People get to know each other better when they are confined in a car, or a hotel, for a period of time. The shared experiences are priceless and the abundance of photos taken cannot tell it all.

So make the family vacation pleasant and memorable by considering the following points.

Pick the right rental car

Considering the great selection every rental car company has to offer, think what kind of vehicle would suit your needs best. If grandma and grandpa are coming, and so is Maxie, the chocolate lab, you’re going to need something spacious. You never know who would want to go napping in the back and when. You don’t want territorial fights while you are driving. Besides, a family vacation should be an enjoyable experience for everyone. Rent a van, or if you are doing a cross-country travel, why not even an RV?

Find the right hotel

When doing your initial research, ignore advertising material that is sprinkled with words such as “intimate,” “romantic,” or “candle-lit dinner”. Make sure the hotel is family-friendly, and it has an indoor or outdoor playground. Moreover, there would be kids constantly running around, so yours wouldn’t be the only ones disturbing the peace. People with small children should think of childproofing the hotel room by bringing outlet covers, plastic cabinet locks and whatnot.

If you’re planning to take the dog on the family vacation, find a hotel that accepts pets. You wouldn’t want to be running around looking for a pet-friendly hotel after 10 hours of uninterrupted driving.

Visit places that will teach your kids something

Washington DC

Photo credit: eGuide Travel / / CC BY

Historical monuments along with historical or natural points of interest are all over the place. Do your homework and mark your possible stops. Show your children the beauty of the country as well as parts of its history. They will never forget it, like you’ve never forgotten the family vacations when you were a child. Most museums are open during the weekend and are closed on Mondays.

Eat healthy while on the road

This could take a little bit of preparation in advance. Have breakfast at home before you leave. Understandably enough, your first impulse would be to make a stretch at the first fast food joint out of convenience, or maybe because you’re used to it. Don’t. Buy a cooler. No matter the season, a cooler would come handy if you want to chill water or preserve a home-cooked meal. Avoid eating lots of carbs because they make you sleepy. Eat light while driving; pack some fresh fruit and vegetables so you can snack along the way. Bringing food from home would also save you money.

Plan activities for the whole family

Pink Sherbet Photography / / CC BY

You are not going to create valuable memories for your children if you don’t think of something interesting to do once you’ve reached your final destination. Go to theme parks, or zoos, or events suitable for kids. Take them to a sports game; if the weather allows it, go on a picnic and let your kids socialize with other children. Local museums usually have workshops organized especially for kids; take them hiking, or horseback riding if there’s such an option wherever you are. In the evenings you can play board-games, play cards or other games – create a fun and loving environment they will remember for the rest of their lives.

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