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Advantage Rent a Car originated as a small rental car company in San Antonio, Texas in 1963 under the name Three Ninety-Nine Car Rentals and expanded over a twenty year period to service retail and airport markets all over the Southwest. In 1985, the Advantage brand was born and the company enjoyed an expansion into airports throughout the nation. The Advantage brand is now a part of the Hertz Corporation and if you are looking for the best Advantage rental car rates, can help you find them.

In 2001, the Advantage brand expanded to serve more than 33 countries worldwide. Advantage suffered through hard times in 2008, during the beginning of the economic downturn in the country and was forced to close 40% of its retail locations in the US. It was also being run poorly at the time by Denny Heckler, who is currently serving a 10-year prison sentence. Hertzrescued Advantage from bankruptcy in 2009 by snatching it away from potential buyer Enterprise Rent-A-Car and making a bid of $33 million in bankruptcy court.

Hertz realized the importance of brand recognition that the Advantage brand had in the Southwest and rebranded their “Simply Wheels” economy brand of vehicles to the Advantage fleet of rental cars. Advantage car rental locations can be found in some major cities with airports throughout the country but are mainly focused in the Southwest and the Southeast in cities like Dallas, TX and Tampa, FL and can also be found in Mexico, the Virgin Islands and South America.

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